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Our Suppliers


Bostock Brothers:

A family-owned business, Bostock Brothers provides us with premium, certified organic, free-range chicken. Raised in sunny Hawke's Bay, these chickens enjoy a happy life, meeting international welfare standards. They are free from chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and genetic modification, housed in uniquely designed French chalets.


Jina's Produce:

Based in Wellington, Jina's Produce supplies us with fresh, local, and organic seasonal produce. Packed in cardboard boxes or recyclable packaging, their commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with our values.


First Light
Grass-fed Wagyu:

Winner of several accolades, First Light provides us with 100% grass-fed Wagyu, free from grains, animal by-products, and feedlots. They hold certifications for humane accreditation, ensuring stringent welfare standards and a commitment to ethical practices.


Yellow Brick Road:

Our fish supply comes from Yellow Brick Road, predominantly long-line caught on day-boats—a sustainable and responsible fishing method. This "ensures we contribute to the well-being of our oceans and support ethical fishing practices.


Fish Factory: 

A Wellington-based fish monger, Fish Factory has been supplying us with sustainable, long-line caught fish for over a decade. Most of the fish is sourced from Cook Strait, ensuring responsible fishing practices.


Lumina Lamb:

Our lamb supply comes from Lumina Lamb, offering 100% natural, free-range, grass-fed lamb. Finished on specially cultivated chicory herb pastures, their lamb boasts excellent health attributes.

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